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Material: steel + polyester
Uses: Mainly suitable for civil cargo bundling, heavy cargo industrial transportation, military supplies transportation, widely used in sea, land and air transportation in different fields such as ship transportation, car transportation and railway transportation.
The binding device is a manual binding tool. It is composed of various specifications of polyester belts and metal products, such as hooks and manual pull mechanisms. It is used for automobile transportation to bundle goods. The basic principle is to make the webbing by ratchet and pawl movement. It is gradually wound on the half-moon key of the hand puller, so that the cargo on the truck is tightly bundled to achieve the purpose of safe transportation. Different models of strapping devices have different webbing lengths and rated tensile forces, which are flexible in operation, time-saving and labor-saving, and easy to carry.

Handle: Plastic
Webbing width: 2inch/50mm
Break Strength: 11000LBS/5000KG
Surface: Zinc plating
Webbing: Polyester
End fitting: Double J hook
Length: Customized
Ratchet Buckle Material: steel